He's got away from us, Jack.

'That's the Tissue Compression Eliminator' the Doctor said softly… ' 'It will kill you and compact you into six small inches. And he'll use it on the slightest provocation, just for pleasure.,

— The Eighth Doctor, uttering the most homoerotic sentence ever witnessed (via eighthwardian-venturer)


In Time of The Doctor when Clara is talking to the time lords and says “if you love him help him” I can’t help thinking of Romana and Braxiatel sort of looking awkward and embarrassed but silently agreeing to help The Doctor and never speaking of it again.

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So yesterday my grandparents found a big box of old 78s that they’ve had in an attic for years, and wanted me to transfer them to CDs. Most were in pretty great shape, no cracks and few scratches. Lots of 1930s sweet/hot jazz, British big band & swing and a few Decca classical ones. This one had its label peeled/scratched off on the a side, on the reverse was a Parlophone march.

90% sure by playing it it’s unleashed some kind of 70 year old curse.

Oh my god  D:

here’s a bad idea: listening to this in the dark by yourself

I heard that some records made during the 30s had laughter on them because they believed that listening to laughter would make others laugh along.

My God, they were wrong.

i just scared the fuck out of myself

Play this outside your house on halloween.